For over thirty years, Hutton Miller commercials have infused their inimitable creative style into the collective American consciousness.  You’ve seen our commercials.  Our creative grabs attention, and that’s just the beginning. We leverage attention to create engagement, inspire loyalty, start trends and build brands.

Discover what Hutton Miller can do for your brand.

Project Management

Product selection / Product Positioning / Offer building / Offer testing / Consumer market research / Competitive market research / Target Audience / Profiling / Logistics / Call Center direction /
E-Commerce microsites / Custom QR Codes / Omni-channel Media Buying / Media Distribution Services

Hutton Miller has earned our reputation by producing consistent ROI.  We deliver reliably in a dynamically variable market landscape.  How do we do this?  Discipline and research, yes.  Solid strategy, always.  But the answer is even simpler: We listen.  

For 30+ years, we've listened openly and we've built a trusted relationship with our audience.  We don’t just study the figures, we engage.  Our ROI is dependable in an undependable marketplace simply because we know what People Want.  

Creative Production

Long Form DRTV production / Short Form DRTV production / Omni-screen concepts / State of the Art 8k video / 3D graphics / Custom Animation / Original Sound & Music / Licensed Sound & Music / Storyboarding & Animatics / Custom Studio sets / LED Virtual sets / Drone Cameras / Drone Piloting / Still Photography

Every creative collaboration between Hutton Miller and our clients is grounded in a true mutuality of purpose: together we discover the potential of a product in order to realize its greatest impact.

Equipped with the latest technology and grounded in decades of award-winning success, we work with clients to innovate the freshest methods for communicating their ideas   Our creative team produces state of the art video that is so effective, we are constantly pushing the envelope to outpace our imitators. 

Campaign Support

Omni-channel media / Brand Building / Product Line Extension / Marketing Support / Digital Media Assets / E-commerce sales support/ Retail sales support / Social Media content / Social Media Brand Support / Live Shopping Presentations & Support

At Hutton Miller, we are vested in the success of every project that we do.  When a commercial goes LIVE, we don’t hang it up, we keep it going.  We offer perpetual support and consultation, whether it be an offer change, line extensions, or a new way of forging a cross-platform connection.  Often, we simply notice an interesting opportunity that will bring more life to a product.

Through constant tweaking and treatment of the process, we find those essential points that can be flexed for maximum expansion.  We are always willing to go deep into a process to grow and nurture success.  We are your lifetime campaign partners.