Play Catch With Her: A Wubble Moment

The Ad Council PSA promoting Fatherhood Involvement is quiet and touching.  It is impossible to watch without stirring memories.  It evokes connection, simplicity, gratitude and the essential human bond.  

The fact that it uses the game that is perhaps the most iconic in our collective childhood memory, Catch, is no accident.  We can all relate.  After all, we’ve all played catch of some kind.  Whether with a beach ball, baseball, volley ball, kickball, or Wubble ball, we get it.  Wait a minute…Wubble ball?  It’s true. 

In the 8 short years since it came into being, the Wubble Bubble Ball is now an icon.  

Set to words that read like a poem, the PSA shows fathers and daughters playing catch in effortless tandem:

I don’t remember how it started
Our back and forth
It always came back.
You probably don’t remember what you told me
But I heard every word

At the word “Repeat” the spot slows for a moment as a Wubble ball, glowing gently, arcs slowly above a sunlit yard.  That slow float is unique to Wubble.  The soft bounce is unique to Wubble.  

No other ball glows in the sunlight, floats through the air or bounces so gently.  The Wubble is perfect in its own way.   The Ad Council recognizes the special place the Wubble Bubble Ball has in our lives, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Watch the Ad Council’s PSA “Play Catch with Her” here.