Perfect Bacon Bowls beyond Pop Culture

With Instagram and late night television already abuzz over the “Perfect Bacon Bowl”, it’s no surprise that the new bacon sensation has now become real news. With over 2 million Perfect Bacon Bowls sold, the impact has gone well beyond pop culture.

Thursday morning (3/6/14) CNBC’s Jane Wells covered Bacon Bowls, inviting Thom Jensen, inventor of the “Perfect Bacon Bowl” to share his story. The network later reported that retail bacon prices are up 18 percent, in part due to the “Bacon Bowl” commercial.

Talk about impact! We love Perfect Bacon Bowls and are so excited that the spot has touched such an instant chord with the American public.

Congratulations to Thom Jensen and to our friends at Edison Nation for the continued media response to a spot that’s just as irresistible as everybody’s favorite breakfast treat!

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