PA Live: Lumi Dough better than Play-doh!

Lumi Dough outperformed Play-Doh in a local TV News segment. “Tuesday Tryout” looks for interesting new items to test and review for parents and kids.

This morning talk show host had rave reviews for Lumi Dough, citing it’s superiority to Play-Doh. Specifically noting that unlike Play-Doh, Lumi Dough holds it’s shape well and doesn’t break apart into a million pieces that wind up stuck in the rug and all over the house. It’s durable, malleable and even glows perfectly in the dark!

“Is it fun? Would your kids love it? Absolutely Yes!!” was the final verdict from this satisfied parent of four.

Congrats to our friends at Lumi Dough for a great review of a super cool toy!