The Hutton Miller Effect

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The New Hutton Miller Website is Live & Direct

Hutton Miller online is here and created specifically for YOU. New spots at your fingertips – instantly viewable, scrollable, iPad readable. Fast news as it happens – networked, relevant, socially relatable. News about us, and news about you: the successes,...
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Fast Brite is Super HOT

Hot or Not? Andy Khubani, the man behind ideaVillage Products Corp., called Fast Brite SUPER HOT!! Well, technically he agreed that it’s “The fastest lens rejuvenation kit ever!” and featured it on his What’s HOT report. Thanks Andy, you’re the man!
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Mushabellies are a Justice Exclusive

Justice is THE preteeen girls fashion store. If you know any 5-14 year old girls, chances are, you’ve heard of it. Justice sets the tone for much of what girls in this age bracket consider The Hottest Coolest Stuff and they are...
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The List is In! Jordan Whitney 2011 Winners

We’re happy to announce that The Jordan Whitney List has just officially reported a whopping ELEVEN Hutton Miller products ranked in the top 100! Hits on the list include: Fast Brite Lens Restore , Gyro Bowl , Happy Nappers , Dream Look, Eggies , Style Snaps , iRenew , Page Brite, Raptor Strap, EZ Moves , and Slushy...
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Hutton Miller Products featured in SkyMall

If you travel regularly by air, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the Skymall magazine in the seat back in front of you. While jokes about the addictive nature of the magazine abound (In his Blue Collar Comedy Tour film, comedian Bill...
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Hutton Miller: True Top Producer of the Year!

The Scimark report awarded Hutton Miller top honors today, naming the company True Top Producer of the Year (2011). We’re extremely honored and humbled by this recognition. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to not only the hardworking team behind the...
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John Miller….a Pioneer in Kids’ Marketing

In the recent ElectronicRetailer article Who Says Kids’ Products Don’t Sell on DRTV? infomercial expert Tim Hawthorne discusses the expanding Kids Products market. He calls John a pioneer in the field, as a result of Hutton Miller having helped build thekids’ category...
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Eggies now available in Stores

On the heels of their hugely successful direct TV campaign, Eggies are rolling out their store displays and will now be available in stores across the USA. So Fast & Easy displays have been spotted in Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart...
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