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DR Metrix Top 100 early rankings are in!

Innovative DR products are starting the year strong, and we are thrilled to bear witness to their early success. Hutton Miller produced the commercials for 15 products in the Top 100, with 10 HM spots landing in the Top 50. The DR Metrix tabulation ranks the spots receiving the most airtime in January, indicating early placement of potential winners for the coming year. So who are the big 15 going into the first stretch of 2020? Read on…

The first big congratulations goes to our visionary friends at Top Dog Direct for clearing away the competition with their outstanding products: #5 CleanZone and #46 Campbell Posture Cane.  These spots were simply a joy to produce and so satisfying to watch.

Up next, an undeniably talented marketing presence, E. Mishan & Sons have big wins all over the list.  Hutton Miller had the pleasure of producing their #12 Flexible Mirror#15 GraniteStone/ GraniteRock, #42 GraniteStone Smokeless Grill, #43 GraniteStone Stackmaster#48 Clorox Scrubtastic, and their #55 DermaRPX.  The sheer number of spots they hold in the Top 100 is a testament to their incredible work ethic and selling power.  Congratulations to the inspiring E. Mishan & Sons!

A well-deserved kudos goes to the innovative SAS Group for their sensational #31 Fuller Full Crystal#45 Fuller Full Crystal Exterior and #59 DreamLook Bella Brow.  Crystal Exterior is a popular line extension of the original Crystal, whose massive success inspired industry speculation and admiration for the timeliness of the product and its resonance with consumers.  Meanwhile, Bella Brow is a must-have given the current shape of the micro-bladed beauty landscape.  Both lines are evidence that SAS Group is definitely on trend. 

Congratulations to our fun-loving friends at NSI International for their #37 Splat Bugs.  Three cheers for this team of passionate innovators!  Their rare sensibility for powerfully engaging kid products makes them a formidable industry player and a true pleasure to work with. 

Another big win at #66, Ontel Products‘ Pillow Pad is standing up to the competition.  A unique understanding of the expanding needs of their tech-driven audience gives Ontel the essential edge required to deliver products tailor-made for a better life.

We are more than thrilled to congratulate Stay Focused Marketing for their #78 Sarah Swanson Skincare.  These Madison Avenue all natural full-body skincare products feature high end ingredients normally only found in face treatments.  This small but important twist is connecting with the savvy beauty buying public in a big way.

Lastly, hats off to Allstar Innovations for their #96 Calming Comfort Calming Heat.  This latest extension in the Calming Comfort product line is making waves with consumers who’ve discovered a strong, innovative brand they can trust to deliver real relief. 

The creative team at Hutton Miller couldn’t be more pleased for our incredible clients and marketing partners.  Their hard work and ability to choose the very best and most innovative new products is what sets them apart to earn these top slots.  

It is a sincere pleasure to watch products we believe in excel.  Congratulations to our friends at Top Dog Direct, E. Mishan & Sons, SAS Group, NSI International, Ontel Products, Stay Focused Marketing and Allstar Innovations.  We wish you continued success in the coming year and are looking forward to tracking the progress of these tremendous products together.