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The New Hutton Miller Website is Live & Direct

Hutton Miller online is here and created specifically for YOU. New spots at your fingertips...
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Fast Brite is Super HOT

Hot or Not? Andy Khubani, the man behind ideaVillage Products Corp., called Fast Brite SUPER HOT!! Well,...
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Mushabellies are a Justice Exclusive

Justice is THE preteeen girls fashion store. If you know any 5-14 year old girls,...
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The List is In! Jordan Whitney 2011 Winners

We’re happy to announce that The Jordan Whitney List has just officially reported a whopping...
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Hutton Miller Products featured in SkyMall

If you travel regularly by air, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the Skymall magazine...
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Hutton Miller: True Top Producer of the Year!

The Scimark report awarded Hutton Miller top honors today, naming the company True Top Producer of...
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John Miller….a Pioneer in Kids’ Marketing

In the recent ElectronicRetailer article Who Says Kids’ Products Don’t Sell on DRTV? infomercial expert Tim Hawthorne...
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Eggies now available in Stores

On the heels of their hugely successful direct TV campaign, Eggies are rolling out their store displays...
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