#2 True Top Producers, the Scimark Report 2019
Adsphere Product of the Year, Granite Rock 2019
Mid-Year True Top Producers, the Scimark Report 2017, 2019
#1 True Top Producers, the Scimark Report 2014, 2016
Best Short Form Advertisement, ERA Moxie Awards, 2013
Top Traditional Short Form Advertisement, Jordan Whitney Report, 2014, 2015, 2016
Top 25 Short Form, The Infomercial Marketing Report 2013
Best Housewares Product, Jordan Whitney Greensheet report 2016
Top 10 Longest Running Infomercial, IMS Ranking 2011
11 Top 100 Hits in 2011, Jordan Whitney, Electronic Retailer Gold Book


John E. Miller:

Family man, streetwise guru, bon vivant. John’s effortless grasp of the teenage pop music landscape belies his deep, almost mystic sensibility.

Peter Hutton:

Pragmatist, visionary, iconoclast. Peter’s an engigma wrapped in a contradiction, driven by a relentless creative fire. He also makes movies.