Skydancers Animatics Take Flight!

August 3, 2022

Skydancers by Lansay are classic 90s toys with a huge legacy of success – selling 22 million units between 1995 and 1997 – the new improved version is set to make a mark with an entirely new audience.1 Sky Dancers have been reimagined to maintain the same magical play as the originals, in order to captivate a new generation of kids.

Gearing up for the July 2022 launch of the new era of flying fairies, Lansay sought to build on the momentum they’d received from customers by effectively and efficiently showcasing the newly expanded product. Excited for the new launch, Hutton Miller teamed up with Lansay to create a quick series of animatics that would help to generate excitement and provide potential buyers with an immediate vision of the newest line of Skydancers in flight.

In the Hutton Miller animatic, viewers get an up close view of Fuschia Fantasy, Coral Cutie and Purple-Licious performing their inimitable magic spins and flutters.

The choice of animatics by Lansay was intuitively linked to their desire to communicate swiftly and directly within a limited time frame. But the potential for animatics goes beyond their immediacy.

When used as a precursor to a fully articulated campaign, Animatics insights can be an excellent indicator of final video success. In fact, an Eyesee Research behavioral study found that animatic pre-testing results are “just as effective at predicting the impact potential and the performance of the commercial when compared to a finalized ad.” 2

At Hutton Miller, while our technical proficiency is constantly expanding we never lose sight of classic methods that may also enhance our client’s ability to achieve their goals. Having the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the quickly evolving toy market landscape allows us to deliver content that is precisely suited to the moment. Animatics were not only fun to create, they proved to be the best fit for the project.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with Lansay at this exciting moment in the Skydancers evolution. Witnessing the ongoing connection between great brands and their loyal fans is one of the great joys of our business. We wish the newest suite of Skydancers soaring success.

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