HM nets 16 sweet DR hits!

January 6, 2022

Innovative DR products ended the year strong!  Hutton Miller produced 16 of the commercials in the DRMetrix Top 100 for December, with 8 HM spots landing in the Top 50.  The DRMetrix tabulation ranks the spots receiving the most airtime, indicating the year-end’s strongest players.  We are pleased and honored to bear witness to the talent of our clients and their tremendous products. 

The first big congratulations goes to our visionary friends at E. Mishan & Sons for clearing away the competition with an outstanding array of products: Granite Stone Blue (#2), Granite Stone Stackmaster (#9), Flexible Mirror (#27) and Granite Stone Granite Rock (#42).  The numbers don’t lie: the Granite Stone line up continues to make an incredible connection with cuisine conscious consumers, while E. Mishan & Sons continue to deliver great products.  Congratulations to the inspiring E Mishan & Sons!

Up next, cheers to our friends at AllStar Innovations for three big wins: Pixicade (#13), Happy Nappers (#39), and Sharper Image Cozy Comfort (#80).  Whether it’s breaking new ground with kid-designed video games, or discovering the best way to feel cosy and comforted, Allstar is undeniably in sync with the cutting edge consumer!

A well-deserved kudos goes to Interlink Products International for the anti-microbial shower sensation, Aquacare (#23)!  Beyond conventional marketing, the Aquacare ad has enjoyed a good deal of attention from the cultural media as well – all powerful evidence that Interlink is definitely an on-trend company to watch. 

Congratulations to our hardworking friends at Top Dog Direct for a massive 5 product sweep!  Clean Zone (#29), Comfy Corset Bra (#61), Campbell Posture Cane (#65), Power Ear (#79), and Tagaway (#84) are all products that are improving lives and promoting better health.  The sheer number of spots they hold in the Top 100 is a testament to their incredible work ethic and selling power.   Three cheers for this team of compassionate innovators! 

Hats off to Ontel Products for the super cute, must-have kids product Star Belly Dream Lites (#56)!  Star Belly Dream Lites are not only connecting beautifully with kids and the people who love them, they are inspiring gifts, generating great reviews and making waves across the consumer landscape.  True pros at realizing their vision, Ontel Products group are always a pleasure to work with!  

We are also more than thrilled to congratulate SAS Group for the success of Fuller Full Crystal (#61), and Dream Look Bella Brow (#85).  Fuller Full Crystal has become the homeowners standard, while Dream Look Bella Brow continues to be the makeup artist’s must-have.  SAS Group has an excellent ability to identify quality innovation that truly resonates with consumers.

The creative team at Hutton Miller couldn’t be more pleased for our incredible clients and marketing partners.  Their vision and sensibility for superlative products sets them apart from the competition and continues to earn them the recognition they deserve.  

It is a sincere pleasure to watch products we believe in excel.  Congratulations to our friends at E. Mishan & Sons, Allstar Innovations, Interlink Products International, Top Dog Direct, Ontel Products, and SAS Group.  We wish you all continued success for 2022!