70k+ YouTube Subscribers!

April 23, 2020

This just in: The creative team at Hutton Miller has been quietly amassing a devoted following on what has become our favorite online video outlet.  With 3.9 million new views this month and a subscriber count that is 73K strong and rising…Surprise!  Hutton Miller is a Youtube powerhouse. 

Packed full of “the Hutton Miller experience,” the channel features a constantly updated array of HM commercials ranging from toys to beauty to gadgets.  It appears that, after years of producing creative spots for our visionary partners, the ads (with over 55M views) have literally taken on a life of their own.

We love our YouTube viewers!  They are, by and large, smart, insightful, observant wise-crackers who are shockingly NOT mostly nine years old.  In fact, our largest subscriber group is 25-34.  Yes, the millennials, who are incidentally the key age demographic for online commerce, spending more money online in a given year than any other age group. (1) 

These committed viewers range from those who love the nostalgia of seeing their favorite commercials from years past to those who don’t want to miss the next great thing.  The channel has plenty of content to satisfy both.  

Take the Zippysack commercial we produced for the awesome Jay@Play in 2014.  At last count, our airing of this spot has been viewed over 29 million times.  Arguably, 6 years ago may be too recent to be considered “nostalgia” but to college kids who zipped-it-up-instead in middle school, the Zippysack still connects!

Of course, the Hutton Miller YouTube audience is interested in more than great products.  As it turns out, what plays best in a viewing space in which the audience has total control is compelling creative content.  Our Youtube subscribers are seeking spots that have inherent entertainment value.  

No, we are not PewDiePie, but we do hold our own.

We’ve got our own style when it comes to the build-build-build of an attention grabbing spot.  Perhaps the secret sauce is a unique blend of timing, honesty and familiarity: difficult to learn, even harder to imitate and impossible to miss.  Whatever the blend, it’s compelling enough to passively attract 55 million views.

What do we mean by passive?  Consider for comparison one admired Canada-based global toy magnate with an international team actively creating online content to promote their universe of successful toys.  We love their products, and the fact that they have 99.3K subscribers is not surprising!  Still, it’s worth noting that our audience of 70k was amassed simply by making our spots available to those interested enough to want more.  

So what is the one common denominator that makes the spots featured on our YouTube channel so compelling?  Why would a viewer tune in to watch an ad for a sleep sack, an eyebrow pencil, a laser gun and a vegetable chopper? Come see for yourself! It’s the Hutton Miller experience.

(1) “Gen X and Baby Boomers represent a huge opportunity for online retailers” by Cooper Smith