True Top Producers!

Jul 12, 2018

The numbers are in!  Jordan Pine’s Scimark Report has released the list of True Top Producers for mid-year 2018.  Happily, Hutton Miller continues our 5-year stretch of consistently placing in... >>

Mid-Year True Top 50 Producers!

Nov 01, 2017

It’s time once again for the TRUE TOP 50, courtesy of DRMetrix and The SciMark Report. This essential report covers the first half of 2017 and features the most-aired DRTV campaigns in rank... >>

Snuggle Up: Best Housewares Product!

Feb 26, 2016

  We’re thrilled to announce that Snuggle Up Fleece has just been awarded the 2016 Greensheet award for Best Short-Form Housewares Product!   The Jordan Whitney “Greensheet” reports rank infomercials and... >>

Bunchems wins Activity Toy of the Year!

Feb 17, 2016

Recognizing an outstanding toy that inspires creative play through various forms of activity, the Activity Toy of the Year was presented on Friday to Bunchems (Spin Master) by the... >>

Hutton Miller Wins True Top Producer!

Jan 29, 2016

  Jordan Pine, of the SciMark Report has officially named Hutton Miller 2015’s True Top Producers:   “Meanwhile, Hutton Miller takes the top spot for production for the second... >>