Zoom Tubes on Ellen!

November 15, 2018



Walmart AKA “America’s Best Toy Shop” discovered Zoom Tubes Car Trax, the hot new toy that blew away the competition at the super exclusive Toy Symposium this summer.  Not surprisingly, the toy quickly earned a coveted spot as one of Walmart’s Hottest Kids Toys of 2018.  Since then Zoom Tubes have been on a marketing joy ride, most recently making a star appearance on the wildly popular TV show Ellen.

Kicking off the holiday season, Ellen welcomed back kid rapper Young Dylan to be this year’s toy tester.  The engaging and charismatic 9-year-old gave his opinion on Zoom Tubes with obvious enthusiasm.

As the cars start, a big WHOA goes up from the studio audience: glowing zips of light dart around the tracks at frantic speeds!!!  Cool Right?  Ellen thought so too, exclaiming “That’s amazing!  That’s really really cool.”  While Young Dylan enthuses effusively: “When you shut all the lights off, it glows up in the dark, AND you get to invite your friend over to your house so they can play with you!”

Sounds like he captured a good deal of the great fun in this ingenious and innovative new toy.  The combination of Walmart’s reach and reputation, along with Star Power and the credibility of an onscreen demonstration…is simply unbeatable.  This latest coup can’t help but catapult Zoom Tubes to top sales this Holiday Season. We are beyond thrilled to be working with this fantastic toy and the awesome team behind it as they enjoy their race to victory.  As Ellen says “It’s just fun!”  We’re staying tuned for more.

Watch the full EllenTube clip here.