Walmart’s Top Rated By Kids!

September 2, 2018

We couldn’t be more excited for our friends at SAS Group – their latest, greatest toy: Zoom Tubes is one of the top kid-rated toys at Walmart!

Every year, Walmart invites a select group of toymakers to share their toys with kids at the Walmart Toy Symposium in New York City.  Prestigious, competitive, and super-fun, the Symposium is a major event in the toy-biz.  Not only do new toys get the chance to be seen and played with by kids, if the kids DO love them, they become featured items in Walmart’s top toy picks!

With website and in-store features, this translates into massive exposure by an incredibly important and influential retailer.   Zoom Tubes, a relative underdog compared to other invited giants (Mattel, Lego etc.) was one of the lucky toys selected by Walmart to participate.  Zoom Tubes not only participated, they zoomed past the competition!  Hundreds of kids and popular influencers played with and tested the best of the latest toys, and they loved Zoom Tubes Car Trax!

We had so much fun making the commercial for this awesome toy.  Zoom Tubes are nothing like your traditional toy car course.  Rather than flat track pieces, it comes with clear tubes that can be connected together to form any number of insane configurations.  The included, remote-controlled car lights up, creating a strobe effect as it flies through the track…a non-stop racing light show!  How cool is that?!?

We fell in love with Zoom Tubes, and we’re not at all surprised that the kids are savvy enough to pick a winner.  Congratulations to SAS for this awesome coup, and to Zoom Tubes – a super-charged thrill ride that it’s getting the excited, fun-loving attention it deserves!