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  • John Miller

    John Miller


    President – Creative Director

    Long recognized as a DR brand-building powerhouse,
    John’s expertise stretches way beyond award-
    winning, channel-stopping commercials.
    His deep and broad knowledge of this challenging
    business, the ever-changing consumer and the way
    people work have earned him a level of rank unmatched
    in the industry.

    Gifted scriptwriting, a demand for perfection in
    production, and a brilliant skill for turning mere
    products into must-have sensations, make John the
    ultimate DR aficionado.

  • Peter Hutton

    Peter Hutton



    As a writer, director and producer, Peter has been a key creative
    force behind some of the most recognizable and successful brands
    in DR history.  His insight, brand positioning and production
    genius – particularly in the toy, kitchen and housewares categories –
    has helped make Hutton Miller the most sought-after
    creative house in the industry.

    Peter continues to expand the Hutton Miller team with a top-tier
    production and creative crew while building an infrastructure
    unmatched anywhere in the industry.  By developing strategic
    alliances with complementary services and consultants he has
    created an entirely new type of business – one ready to serve industry
    veterans and provide boutique level service to companies ready to
    break into DR marketing.

    His efforts are shaping Hutton Miller into the
    premier DR firm in the world.

  • The Hutton Miller Team

    The Hutton Miller Team


    Production and Support Staff

    The Hutton Miller team boasts
    award-winning pros and cutting
    edge new talent to tackle
    a business that never stops

    From props and lighting to editing
    and post-production, our team
    has worked together to create some
    of the most memorable spots in DRTV –
    all of them unique, yet consistent in
    their dedication to delivering a well
    crafted and powerful message.

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